Conservatory Styles

Choosing the right conservatory style for your home

All styles of conservatory can be created using the Ultraframe conservatory system, the most configurable conservatory roofing system on the market. Browse through the links below to learn more about the wide range of conservatory styles that are available with the Ultraframe system. If you have something special in mind that is not represented in this section or in our conservatory image gallery, then don't be afraid to ask Graham Orrin Installations, conservatory installer.

As Ultra conservatory installers we will be familiar with the capabilities of the Ultraframe conservatory system and will help you to design a conservatory that truly complements your home and fits in with your lifestyle.

Don't forget, that your intended use may influence your choice of conservatory style - for instance, if you are planning a conservatory with two distinctly separate dining and relaxation areas then a P-shape conservatory may be the style for you. Again - as an Ultra conservatory Installer we will talk through all of the options and create a bespoke conservatory just for you.